Ray Higdon Brings Down The House For A 3rd Time Now

Last night Ray Higdon absolutely crushed the MLSP webinar for a 3rd time now…

That’s not including times he’s jumped out on the line to share some insights on group calls; I’m talking about his solo webinars.  If you don’t know Ray Higdon yet, you should, and let me tell you that not only is he a fun guy to be around, but he’s a great leader and mentor.  In fact he’s such a great leader and mentor that I finally joined Numis Network to surround myself with him.

Now I didn’t know Ray Higdon’s full back story until a little while ago, and when I first heard about Ray being the #1 earner in Numis and making it to L4 leader in MyLeadSystemPro really fast, I thought… “sure, it’s easy for him, he’s successful”.  Boy did I feel like a jerk when I heard what he went through not even 2 years ago.  Ray came from the brink of bankruptcy with his house in foreclosure to earning multiple, multiple 5-figures a month within his first 12 months in Numis.

So why is Ray Higdon able to build such a successful business…

In 1 word; Posture.  Even when he was on the verge of bankruptcy Ray Higdon still maintained the posture of I don’t need you to join my business, and in fact I might not even want you on my team.  I know this seems scary to most, it certainly was for me, but when a guy like Ray tells you that’s how he’s achieved over $40k a month in less than 2 years, I’d pay attention and take note.

The big reason Ray Higdon was able to maintain this posture of “I don’t care if you join my business” is because he made sure never to run out of leads.  Check out this webinar that he did where he reveals 10 ways to get 50 free leads a day. Ray has made sure that he’s had enough people to talk to that it truly doesn’t matter if 1000 people say no to joining his business.

As Ray Higdon mentioned last night, if your results are not where you want them to be, then you are not where you should be as a person.  This means that you must work on yourself, your mindset, your belief, and build your posture as a successful entrepreneur in order to get to where you want.  This will also mean letting your ego go, and being able to listen to what more successful people have to teach you.

Alright, so I’m sure you want 1 of the tips I learned last night from Ray Higdon, so I’m going to give you one of his mlm recruiting secrets.  Here’s 1 of the things he would say to someone who says they need more time to think about the opportunity after seeing information:

“perfect, I totally understand.  I prefer to work with people who know they are serious and ready to join my team.  Take as much time as humanly possible.  I do not like investing my time in someone that is not confident.

The reason is that it’s ok for people to take time, you don’t want to pressure someone who’s analytical, but at the same time you’re using the takeaway subtly by telling them you only want to work with confident people.  Ray also said that he’ll send someone like that 10+ resources of information for them to review about the company.


If you think you might be ready to get mentored and coached by me and Ray Higdon, you can apply to join our team in Numis Network.

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  1. I agree Jordan. The posture thing really enlightened me. Kinda hard to explain but I understand how that can have such a massive effect on your business. Definitely something I am going to make a priority working on.

    Every time I hear one of his webinars they absolutely blow me away. No fluff and he tells it like it is. His story is amazing. I find myself writing down every little detail of what he says.

    Another good line was “Are you EVEN interested in owning a home-based business?”

    Thanks for the post man. Hope your having a EPIC time in Vegas!

  2. I have been enjoying Ray Higdons teachings lately Jordan he is such a great leader and to be reckoned with. He has great posture and knows how to build great relationships.

    “perfect, I totally understand. I prefer to work with people who know they are serious and ready to join my team. Take as much time as humanly possible. I do not like investing my time in someone that is not confident.”

    Just luv it!! thanks Jordan always appreciate you.

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